How to reconnect a offline device

Go to Settings > Meters > ''Your meter'' > Options ••• > Reconfigure Wi-Fi

How to check your device status

Go to Settings > Meters and view the status of each meter

If there is no data showing in the 'now' screen. This means one or more devices are currently not connected to your Wi-Fi.

How to check your device status on the device

Wi-Fi P1 meter: Green = OK, Red blinking: Offline

Wi-Fi Energy Socket: Green = OK, Red blinking = Offline

Wi-Fi kWh meter: Signal bars on display = OK, No signal bars = Offline

You can check the app for the last known Wi-Fi signal strength percentage at Settings > Meters > 'Your meter' > Wi-Fi > ''name'' %. If the signal strength is below 50% you might experience temporal offline states. If the signal strength is below 20% your device will be offline often.

Causes for a device being offline and how to solve it

Low signal strength: If your signal strength is low you might try to reposition your wifi router for better coverage. This can be done by rotating your Wi-Fi router, or repositioning your router.

Signal strength at 100%: if your wifi device is within 0.5 meters of your wifi there can be too much noise in the signal for a wifi device to correctly receive/send data. Try to move the wifi point to at least 0.5 meters away from the device.

Genexis platinum router: Unfortunately these routers will often disconnect Energy devices from the internet. Currently Genexis does not have a fix for this issue. It can be resolve by adding an additional non-genexis wifi point.

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