When the P1 meter status ring is red, it means it is currently not functional.

Blinking red statusring

The P1 is unable to connect to your Wi-Fi connection, you can check the app for the last known signal strength percentage at Settings > Meters > P1 Meter > Wi-Fi > ''name'' %. If the signal strength is below 50% you might experience temporal offline statesIf the signal strength is below 20% your device will be offline often.

If you are having signal problems you might try to reposition your Wi-Fi router for better coverage. This can be done by rotating your Wi-Fi router, or repositioning your router.

Solid red red statusring

The P1 meter is not receiving data from your smart meter, if you have a Belgian meter from Fluvius, this mean your P1 user port might be disabled. Click here and log in with your account at Fluvius to enable the P1 user port.

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