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My solar consumption graph shows incorrect values, what can I do?
My solar consumption graph shows incorrect values, what can I do?
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There are several possible causes of incorrect values in your solar consumption graph. All solutions are listed below.

My solar consumption graph shows that my solar consumption is 0.0 kWh

The current day/week/month/year view may show 0.0 kWh solar consumption. In most cases, this occurs because the inverter is slightly behind in sending data compared to the data from the P1 Meter.

Solution: There is no solution for this from our side. However, you can contact your inverter manufacturer and ask them to correct this.

It is also possible that your solar consumption graph shows 0 for the period you are looking at (week/month/year) because the inverter was not yet connected to the Energy app for the full length of this period.

Solution: look at periods when you have complete data of that period from your solar panels.

On the day you connect your inverter, the data of that whole day is not available. In most cases, this data will only start registering correctly from the following day.

Solution: Wait 24 hours after you have connected your inverter. After this, the graphs will show the correct data.

My solar consumption and power consumption graph show values that are too high

The solar consumption graph is compiled from the data of your P1 Meter and the data from your solar panels. Your solar panels can be read in two ways: by connecting them directly to your inverter, or by installing a kWh Meter. You must choose only one of these options, otherwise the production of the solar panels will be counted twice.

Solution: Connect a kWh Meter or your inverter, but never both on the same installation. Also, make sure that all your solar panels are being measured.

My inverter graph shows no data or incorrect data

Do you have several inverters and is your consumption graph showing incorrect data? This might mean that the inverters are not set up properly within the inverter app. The inverters should always be installed in the same installation/site/plant so that they are considered one house/plant (the name depends on the brand of inverter).

Solution: Go to your inverter's app and check whether multiple plants have been created. If this is the case, install the inverters in one installation and delete the empty installations.

How to do this depends on the app of your inverter. Please consult the support of your inverter app for this.

My SolarEdge graph shows values that are too high

Unfortunately, it happens sometimes that the SolarEdge inverter sends us incorrect data, resulting in a total number in your solar production graph that is too high.

Solution: In most cases, this problem will resolve itself. In the cases where this does not happen, we, unfortunately, cannot offer a solution as this problem comes directly from the SolarEdge inverter. We have no control over this.

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