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What is the Solar consumption graph?
What is the Solar consumption graph?
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The solar consumption graph shows how much solar power you are consuming directly and how much of your power usage is produced by solar. The graph contains 4 values.

Grid consumption (purple)

The power you buy from the grid

Solar surplus (green)

The solar power you export to the grid

Solar consumption (blue)

Solar power used directly within your home

How do i get the Solar Consumption graph?

The solar consumption graph requires measurement of the mains connection (p1 meter) and a measurement of your solar group with a HomeWizard kWh meter or you can directly pair your solar inverter (Energy+) to the HomeWizard App.

Solar consumption graph works with:

P1 meter combined with a HomeWizard kWh meter on your solar group or direct inverter integration with Energy+.

If you have multiple inverters of different brands, each individual inverter needs to be added to show a correct graph. If you can't add your other inverters (because there is no inverter connection available in the app), you can use a kWh meter to measure it in the Energy app to correct the graph.

If you already have a kWh meter measuring the inverter in the Energy App, adding it also via the inverter connection will cause the graph to draw incorrectly, as it uses the same data twice for the calculation.

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