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What graphs can Energy show?

Managing and understanding graphs

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The Energy app is designed to show your energy consumption as accurately as possible. This is done through beautiful graphs. For every meter you install you get one or more detailed graphs in the Energy app. Below you will find a list of all the possible graphs.

Graph types

  • Now’ shows you your live energy consumption.

  • Day’ shows the data of a day with a resolution of 5 minutes. This means that each point in your graph represents the average power consumption (Watts) during those 5 minutes.

  • Week' shows all days within the selected week.

  • Month’ shows all weeks within the selected month.

  • Year’ shows all months within the selected year.

You can use the navigators < , > and >| arrows in the navigator to move forward and backwards per time period. For example to last week or last month.

Graphs have a different color depending on the type of data they are showing. Most common graphs have the following colors.

  • 'Purple' shows your power consumption.

  • 'Green' shows your power delivered to the grid (P1 Meter) or power production (kWh Meter)

  • 'Red' shows your gas consumption.

Graph details

Clicking on a graph shows you more detailed information. The screen will turn to utilize the full screen. You can tap on the graph to bring up a hovering function showing you the exact consumption for the selected time.

Turning the phone back to the original position will exit the full screen graph.

Reorderings graphs

Using multiple meters will give you multiple graphs on your home screen. You can rearrange these graphs under Settings > Graphs > Edit.

Changing Graph Size

There are 4 different sizes for graphs; mini, small, medium and large. You can change the size of your graph under Settings > Graphs > 'Your Graph' > Size.

Graph names, icons and profiles

You can change a graph name under Settings > Graphs > 'Your Graph' > Name. In the same screen you can also choose a profile and a designated icon for your graph. The profiles determine what types of graphs can be generated.

Enabling and disabling graphs

Want to clean up your home screen because you have many graphs? Or have a Gas graph but no gas connection? You can easily show and hide graphs on the home screen.

Go to Settings > Graphs > 'Your Graph' > Enable on/off

Special graphs

Energy can generate additional graphs for you if you have the following profiles.

Power Usage graph

If you have a Main Connection graph (P1 Meter) and a Solar graph (kWh Meter) the app will generate an additional graph called the Power Usage graph. This graphs shows you the total power used by all devices in your home, even when you are feeding back into the grid.

Standby graph (Energy+)

The standby graph uses smart learning algorithms to determine your standby consumption. This entails the total power consumption of the devices that are always on.

Solar consumption

Show you how much solar power is directly consumed in your home (blue). And also shows your power consumption from the grid (purple) and surplus solar (green). Solar consumption is calculated using the data from your mains connection (p1 meter) and your solar panels with a inverter connection or kwh meter on the solarpanel group.

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