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How to connect my SolarEdge inverter
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To add your SolarEdge solar inverter to the Energy app you need a Username and Password or a API key and a Site ID. The API key is to access the data of your inverter. The site ID is unique to your installation.

Requirements and functionality

  • To add the inverter, you need Energy+ and a SolarEdge inverter with a internet connection.

  • The API data is available in the Energy app and is retrieved every 15 minutes. It is not possible to view the live data like with the HomeWizard kWh Meter or P1 Meter.

  • The data is only read from the moment the connection is set up, there is no historical data.

  • API connections are subject to external factors, such as changes, stability, speed and accuracy of third-party devices and services. The user agrees to understand that HomeWizard can in no way be held responsible for the availability and correct functioning of third-party APIs.

Connecting with your SolarEdge login credentials

To add your SolarEdge solar inverter to the Energy App you need your SolarEdge Username and Password. These are the same credentials used for the mySolarEdge app for monitoring your solar panels.

HomeWizard strongly advises the usage of a unique generated password before disclosing login or authorisation credentials in the Energy app. The user consents their credentials to be stored and used by HomeWizard to collect data from their inverter. Alternatively you can connect using a SolarEdge API key if you do not wish to disclose your login credentials.

Connecting with an SolarEdge API key

In most cases, you can create an API key as a customer. Follow these steps to create an API key:

  • Go to and log in with your SolarEdge credentials.

  • Click on Admin in the top bar.

  • Go to the Site Access tab

  • Go to Access control tab

  • Scroll to API access at the bottom of the page

  • Click on the Checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions

  • Click the New Key button

  • Click on Save

  • Copy the full API key and Site ID

  • Enter the key and ID in the Energy app to complete the setup

If you can't find these settings in your monitoring portal. It could be that only your system installer has access. You can find the installer of your system in the SolarEdge web portal dashboard. You can request an API key with an email directly to your installer. Please find an example email at the bottom of this page.

Set up the connection in the Energy App

Go to Settings > Meters > Add Device > SolarEdge

Enter the created API key and the Site ID. The app will now connect to the inverter. Note that the API key always consists of 32 characters.

Email example

Dear installer,

I would like to receive the API key from my SolarEdge installation for my HomeWizard Energy app. With the steps below you can do this within 1 minute.

In the video below you can see the actions within the portal.


If your graph shows incomplete or no data, make sure that your inverters are in the same site. You can check this by going to the Solaredge app.

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