On older smart meters (SMR 2 and 4) the P1 meter isn't powered through the connector. In order to power up the P1 meter you will need a USB adapter set. You can connect it through the USB-C port on the P1 meter.

If you are living in Belgium and the P1 meter does not work in your smart meter, then the P1 gate has probably not yet been opened at Fluvius. You can arrange this at the following portal: Fluvius. Even if you have just changed the energy supplier, it can happen that the gate is closed. In that case you should also check the portal mentioned above to check whether the P1 port is still open.

With newer smart meters (SMR 5+) the P1 meter works without an external power supply. Do you have a new smart meter and the P1 meter doesn't turn on? Please contact us.

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