How to install the Wi-Fi P1 Meter

A step by step guide on how to install the Wi-Fi P1 Meter

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Install the P1 Meter on your smart meter

1. Place the P1 Meter in the P1 port on your smart meter

2. Pulsing white (factory mode)

If the P1 Meter is powered by the Smart meter, it will now start flashing white.
Netherlands: if you have an older version smart meter, you may require to connect the P1 Meter with a power adapter set (excl.) for the P1 Meter to turn on. You can buy the adapter set in our shop.

3. Activate pairing mode

Press and hold the button on the P1 Meter, until the P1 Meter starts flashing blue. Pairing mode has now been activated.

Download the free Energy app

Search for "HomeWizard Energy" in the App- or Play Store, or click the links below to download the correct app for your device.

HomeWizard Energy

Click to download

Follow the steps in the app, or read below.

Create an HomeWizard online account

  1. Open the HomeWizard Energy app, tap Next to start the installation proces.

  2. Enter your e-mail address and press Next

  3. Tap Create account or enter your HomeWizard account Password

  4. Enter a name for your 'Home'

  5. Set the location for your 'Home'. You will be asked to grant permission to use your location. This data will only be saved once to authorize the installation and for the Wi-Fi setup of the P1 Meter (reading Wi-Fi data requires location access).

  6. App setup is now completed

Adding the P1 Meter

Press Add a device > P1 Meter > Begin setup

Ensure that your P1 Meter is still blinking blue (pairing mode)

iOS 13+ /Android 10+: You will automatically be prompted to connect to the 'P1meterSetup' network. Confirm and continue to Select your Wi-Fi below.

Android 9 or lower:
1. Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and connect to the Wi-Fi network: P1meterSetup
2. Enter the password: SetupPass
3. Go back to the Energy app after successfully connecting to the network. You might see ''No internet connection available''. This can be ignored, as you have now connected your phone to the Wi-Fi network of the P1 Meter, which currently has no internet.

Select your Wi-Fi

Select your Wi-Fi network from the list and enter your Wi-Fi password. Press continue. The P1 Meter will now connect to your Wi-Fi network.

When successful the P1 Meter status will turn green, and you will be guided to the App home screen.


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