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How to install a P1 splitter
Updated over a week ago

The P1 splitter has 1 P1 signal input and 3 P1 signal outputs. A splitter is used when you want to attach multiple P1 devices on one smart meter.

P1 in

The P1 data is connected to the smart meter via the included P1 cable. It blinks white when receiving data.

P1 out

The P1 data out ports connect to P1 peripherals such as the HomeWizard P1 meter. This port blinks white when data is requested by the connected device.

PWR light

green blinking: waiting for P1 signal

green: working correctly

red: May not supply enough power for connected devices to function

off: no power

If the PWR light is off or red, the splitter may require additional power. You can use the dedicated usb-c port on the splitter itself for power.

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