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How to install and configure the Energy Display?
How to install and configure the Energy Display?

Set up and customize your Energy Display

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Set up your display within minutes by following the steps below.

Connect the Display to Wi-Fi

  1. Place the Display on the desired location and power the Display with the provided USB adapter and USB-C cable.

  2. The Display will now start and show a Wi-Fi icon, indicating that it's ready to be paired.

  3. Open the HomeWizard Energy app and go to settings > meters > + add new device and select Display.

  4. Follow the instructions in the app to connect the Display to the app.

Your Display is now installed and will show a default interface.

Wi-Fi connection and updating problems

Your latest software version should be 1.15 or higher. If not, your display may have trouble connecting and staying connected with WPA3 secured networks. To fix this issue.

  1. Temporarily disable WPA3 on your router settings

  2. Pair the display at settings > meters > Display > °°° (options) > Reconfigure Wifi, it should now successfully update to software version 1.15 or higher using a WPA2 connection.

  3. Re-enable WPA3 on your router settings

  4. Go to settings > meters > Display > °°° (options) > Reconfigure Wifi, it will now successfully use a secure WPA3 connection.

Explaining the interface

There are a total of 6 widgets. Three circle widgets and three line widgets, with corresponding information and colors. All these widgets can be customized to your liking, but first, we will explain the default interface, referenced by numbers in the image below.

1. Circle widget

The circle widget shows a value and a corresponding coloured circle. Circles will fill clockwise until they reach the threshold value that can be set per widget. Circles can show either a day total, live value or cost.

Depending on the corresponding graph, circles may have unique features.

  • Power total: If configured in the biggest circle on the left, import and export are split into 2 values below that circle. This circle can alternate between purple and green, corresponding for grid consumption and solar surplus.

  • Water: The water circle can be set to automatically switch from total to live when water consumption is detected.

  • Solar production and solar surplus: Solar production and surplus will always be shown in green and will fill in anti-clockwise instead of clockwise.

2. Line widget

The line widget shows a value, icon and corresponding coloured line. Lines will fill from left to right, with solar production and feed-in filling from right to left. Lines can also display a day total, live value or cost.

Customize your Energy Display

All widgets can be customized to show a graph or value of your choosing. In the Energy app, go to settings > display > your display to enter the configuration screen of your Display. Here you will find different options for customising your Display, which we will explain below.


Click the pencil icon to change the name of your Display.


Click the usage overview dashboard to configure the 3 circles of your Energy Display. For each circle, you can select a graph, and choose between now, today or costs. A target maximum can be configured that defines the size of the circle. The circle will fill up until the target value.

Line widgets

Here you can configure which graphs and data you wish to see in the 3 line widgets on the right side of the display. Settings are identical to the circle widgets.


Shows the current Wi-Fi strength and connected network.


You can set the brightness of the Display to Low, Medium or High. This will configure the overall brightness of the Display. The Display will also adjust brightness automatically based on the environment for optimal visibility while keeping the setting for the overall brightness intact.

Motion Detection

The Display has a built-in motion sensor that automatically turns on the device's screen when motion is detected. The Display will be turned off when no motion is detected to save on power. The sensitivity of the motion sensor can be set to 1 meter, 3 meters or 6 meters.

You can also configure the minimum time the Display is on for after sensing motion from 2 to 15 minutes.

For optimal motion detection, ensure the Display is placed in an open environment with no metal obstacles nearby.

Error codes

E1 - Failed to connect to Wi-Fi, please try again.

  • Check your Wi-Fi credentials and try again.

E2 - Failed to complete setup, please try again.

  • Setup time out, try again

E3 - Setup cancelled, please try again.

  • The button was pressed during setup, try again without pressing the button.

E4 - Setup cancelled, please try again.

  • The button was pressed too long and the display entered factory reset.

E5 - Not connected to a home.

  • Display has been removed from the app, hold the button to reconfigure the display.

E98 - Failed to complete setup, please try again.

  • Setup failed, try again.

E99 - Unknown error during setup, please try again.

  • Setup failed, try again.

The display will reset the day totals at 02:00, after which the circles will revert back to 0.

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