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My Watermeter is not measuring accurately, what can I do?
My Watermeter is not measuring accurately, what can I do?
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In order for the Watermeter to measure correctly, it must be supplied with power (battery or cable) at all times. By default, the following causes may cause deviations in the readings:

  • During a firmware update the reading is inactive for ± 1 minute

  • When connecting/replacing batteries the Watermeter does a calibration on the first 5 liters.

  • A power outage causes the Watermeter to be unable to read.

  • The Watermeter can measure up to 200 liters per minute on a cable. On batteries, the Watermeter measures up to 30 liters per minute (contact support to adjust, higher value reduces battery life).

If you find that your readings are not accurate after considering the above points, it may need to be recalibrated with your analog water meter. You can use the recalibrate feature in the app. Go to settings > meters > ''Watermeter'' > options ••• > recalibrate sensors. (when using batteries, press the button on the Watermeter to start calibration after activation from the app)

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