How can I add multiple users?

Managing additional users in Energy

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Want to give your entire household access to Energy? You can simply add additional users to the Energy app.

Adding additional users

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard Energy' app

  2. Go to ⚙ Settings

  3. Tap 'My home' to see an overview of the users that have access to your home.

  4. Tap the + add users to invite an additional user.

  5. Enter the users email address to invite them.

  • Users without an account: will now receive an email with a password to login to the Energy app to access your home.

  • Existing users: can login with their existing login credentials, existing users will already have an existing home and can switch homes by tapping the home name in the top left corner of the home screen.

Whenever a user configures their first Energy device, it automatically creates a new home. If you install a device that was already configured to an existing home, the device will automatically be removed and moved into the new home.

If a user has previously installed a device, a house has already been created. This user can switch homes by tapping the house name on the home screen in the top left corner.

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