Integrating Energy with other systems (API)

How to enable and develop with the Energy API

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Through the local network, you can integrate Energy devices with other systems using the local API. Users have created integrations with various systems such as Domotics and Homebridge via the API.

Home Assistant

With the official integration, you can seamlessly link the P1 Meter, kWh Meter, Water Meter, and Energy Socket with Home Assistant. Visualize your energy consumption via your own dashboard and automate the Energy Socket according to your preferences. Through the "Works With Home Assistant"-program, we promise to make this integration work optimally with Home Assistant.

Works Locally with Home Assistant Badge for HomeWizard

Enable the Local API

For external systems to get access to the data from an Energy device, you have to enable the API for each device. You can do this in the HomeWizard Energy app.

Go to Settings > Meters > ''Your meter'', and enable Local API.


Do you want to integrate Energy devices into your own systems? You can use our developer documentation to write your own implementation.

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