Energy+ gives you exclusive features on top of the free Energy app functionality, and helps you gain even more insight and detect unusual situations.

Activating Energy+

You can activate Energy+ in the app at Settings > Energy+

Why is Energy+ a subscription?

Enabling the smart features within Energy+ requires 24/7 external calculating power, storage and maintenance. We want to provide insights in energy usage for everyone with affordable products, and Energy+'s more advanced functions are built for users who are just as enthusiastic about Energy as we are.

What does Energy+ cost?

Energy+ costs €0,99 per month. Payments are handled by the payment methods connected to your Google/Apple account through direct debit. Your payment details will not be shared with HomeWizard.

Energy+ with multiple devices and users

Only one Energy+ subscription is required per home to give all users and devices acces to the Energy+ features.

Cancelling Energy+ subscription

You can cancel the Energy+ anytime, directly from your phone. After cancelling you will maintain acces to the Energy+ features until the next renewal date. After this you will automatically be downgraded to the basic free functionality, the Energy+ features will disappear and graph data older than 12 months will be deleted.

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