What is Energy+?

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Energy+ gives you exclusive features on top of the free Energy app functionality, and helps you gain even more insight and detect unusual situations.

Activating Energy+

You can activate Energy+ on the website or in the app at Settings > Energy+

What does Energy+ cost?

You can get Energy+ via the HomeWizard Energy app or via the HomeWizard website.

App: Energy+ Monthly subscription

Via the app Energy+ is only €0.99 per month and can be cancelled at any time (it is automatically invoiced monthly). Payments are handled with either a credit card, paypal or similar payment method with automatic invoicing connected to your google or apple account (iDeal or Bancontact not supported by Apple or Google).

Website: Energy+ Yearly subscription

Via the website Energy+ is only €11.95 per year and can be cancelled at any time (it is automatically invoiced yearly). Payments can be handled with multiple different payment options such as iDeal, Bancontact, PayPal, Credit Card etc.

Why is Energy+ a subscription?

Enabling the smart features within Energy+ requires 24/7 external calculating power, storage and maintenance. We want to provide insight in energy production for everyone with affordable products, and Energy+'s more advanced functions are built for users who are just as enthusiastic about Energy as we are.

Energy+ with multiple devices and users

Only one Energy+ subscription is required per home to give all users and devices acces to the Energy+ features.

Renewing an Energy+ subscription

In most cases your subscription will automatically renew. If you have a non-renewing or cancelled subscription for Energy+ you can renew on the website at My Account > Homes. Or buy a new Energy+ for the same home in the HomeWizard shop.

Cancelling an Energy+ subscription

You can cancel the Energy+ anytime. After cancelling you will maintain acces to the Energy+ features until the cancellation date. After this you will automatically be downgraded to the basic free functionality, the Energy+ features will disappear and graph data older than 12 months will be deleted.

If you bought Energy+ via the website you can cancel at Account > Homes.

If you bought Energy+ via the app you can cancel in the Apple Subscription settings or Google subscription settings on your phone.

Switching from a monthly (app) to a yearly (website) subscription

If you want to move from a monthly app subscription to a yearly subscription via the website, cancel your current Energy+ via your Apple Subscription settings or Google subscription settings on your phone. Wait until your subscription expires at the end of the billing period, you will receive an email when it expires. Go to the Energy+ page on the website and re-subscribe again within 14 days from the subscription expiration to not lose previous Energy+ data.

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