Creating multiple homes in the Energy app to quickly switch to meters on different locations. For example the office or a recreation home.

Add a home

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard Energy' app.

  2. Tap your current home name in the top left corner to open the homes switching screen.

  3. Press add a home to add create an additional home.

You can now switch between your homes by pressing the current selected home in the top left of the home screen.

Adding Users

After creating a home you will be the only user with acces. You can invite other users to your home to give them acces to the meters in that home.

  1. Open the 'HomeWizard Energy' app.

  2. Make sure you have selected the home you want to add users to in the top left.

  3. Go to settings > my homes > users to add another user.

At any point in time you can remove Users tapping the Bin icon behind the users name.

Remove homes

A home will automatically be deleted when there are no more users or devices added to the home. Users can be removed under Settings > My home. Devices can be removed under Settings > Meters > Options (•••) > Remove device.

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