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How do i set tariffs and energy costs?
How do i set tariffs and energy costs?
Set correct tariffs to automatically calculate usage costs
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Each graph shows the costs of that graph in the top right corner. This cost overview is calculated as accurately as possible, but may not represent the actual total costs on your yearly energy bill, it is to be used as an indication of costs. Entering the correct tariffs will improve the accuracy of the cost overview in the app.

How to enter the correct tariffs

Open the Energy app, Go to Settings > Tariffs

You can find what prices to fill in on the contract you have with your energy supplier.

Import power: the price you pay per kWh of used power

Export power: the price you receive per kWh of power delivered back to the grid (solar).

Gas: the price you pay per m³ of gas

For some energy suppliers and countries your app may also contain high and low import/export tariffs, set the price per tariff type if required.


  • Base costs of your utilities (such as additional taxes, service costs or rebates) is not included

  • Energy does not support alternate tariffs based on certain conditions (such as when you deliver more to the grid then you use on a yearly basis)

  • Your tariff settings are applied globally across all measurements, it is not possible to enter different tariffs per time period (such as variable tariffs).

How are costs calculated?

Below an example of a cost calculation in the Energy app.

To illustrate how we calculate the costs we will use a day where your solar panels are producing electricity.

Import high

10 kWh

€ 0,21

Export high

20 kWh

€ 0,21

Import low

30 kWh

€ 0,20

Export low

40 kWh

€ 0,20

The costs are calculated with the formula below.

(Import high × Import high tariff) +

(Import low × Import low tariff) -

(Export high × Export high tarif) -

(Export low × Export low tariff) = sum

Example: The results of our day are the following:     10 × 0,21 + 30 × 0,20 - 20 × 0,21 - 40 × 0,20 = - €4,10

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