Using the Watermeter on batteries
Updated over a week ago

With 2x CR123A batteries, the Watermeter lasts one year on battery power. On batteries, the Watermeter collects data every 5 minutes and then sends it to the app 4 times a day. Between these times, it is in power-saving sleep mode.

Optionally, you can press and hold the Watermeter button for 1 second to immediately send the collected data (this will reduce battery life).

On battery power, the Watermeter can accurately measure up to 35 liters per minute. 30 liters is enough to measure a shower and 2 other water sources at the same time, such as a tap or flushing a toilet. If more water is used, such as in larger households with multiple showers, the standard Watermeter reading rate may not be sufficient. We recommend using the Watermeter on USB-C power or increasing the measurement speed in the settings (this will reduce battery life).

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