How to connect my GoodWe inverter
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To add your GoodWe solar inverter to the Energy App you need your GoodWe Username and Password. These are the same credentials used for the GoodWe SEMS portal-app for monitoring your solar panels.

Requirements and functionality

  • For this functionality Energy+ and a GoodWe inverter with a internet connection are required.

  • The API data is available in the Energy app per 15 minutes. It is not possible to view the live data like with the HomeWizard kWh Meter or P1 Meter.

  • The data is only read from the moment of connecting, there is no support for historical data.

  • HomeWizard strongly advises the usage of a unique generated password before disclosing login or authorisation credentials in the Energy app. The user consents their credentials to be stored and used by HomeWizard to collect data from their inverter.

  • API connections are subject to external factors, such as changes, stability, speed and accuracy of third-party devices and services. The user agrees to understand that HomeWizard can in no way be held responsible for the availability and correct functioning of third-party APIs.

Connecting your inverter

Go to Settings > Meters > Add device > GoodWe and enter your login credentials. The app will now connect to the inverter.

Update 11-04-2023: To make sure your graphs in HomeWizard Energy render correctly, check if your inverter is set to the correct time zone and daylight saving time. You can check this in the SEMS portal-app on your phone if the time of the graph is correct. If not, contact GoodWe with the serial number on the right side of your inverter and request your timezone and daylight saving time to bet set correctly.


If your graph shows incomplete or no data, make sure that your inverters are in the same plant. You can check this by going to the GoodWe app.

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